CORE Environmental Consulting Services

CORE provides consulting, engineering, construction, and technical services throughout the Appalachian Shale play region.  CORE’s technical staff consists of engineers, geologists, scientists, geographic information systems (GIS) and management information system specialists, as well as other technical experts.  CORE currently serves many of the Utica and Marcellus shale play exploration and production companies, as well as several pipeline groups.

Permitting and Design Services

CORE has extensive permitting experience in the Appalachian Shale plays for upstream and midstream clients.  Our experienced engineers and scientists can help guide you through the permitting process for all of your project needs.  Having performed throughout the Appalachian Shale plays, CORE is very familiar with the various requirements of state and local permits needed.  Our comprehensive planning and permitting services include:

  • Wetland delineation / Stream identification
  • Threatened and endangered species investigation
  • Cultural resource identification and investigation
  • Site design
  • Highway occupancy permits
  • Local municipal planning commissions
  • Pre-drill baseline well surveys
  • Waste management plans
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits
  • Spill prevention and contingency plans
  • Storm Water management plans
  • Air permitting
  • Field survey
  • Property survey


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

CORE is an experienced provider of GIS services to the environmental remediation and oil and gas industries. Our GIS specialists have extensive experience in all phases of the GIS life-cycle. Our professional staff routinely combines traditional civil engineering, landscape design, survey and environmental/ecological variables through the manipulation of state-of-the-art GIS software to produce a wide variety of deliverables that provide clients with a comprehensive view of their geo-spatial situations. Our understanding of customer needs assures the highest quality standards in spatial data management.

CORE’s GIS department was born from the needs of clients to combine spatial data with a multitude of project specific attributes in a final product that allows clients to qualify and quantify site specific and regional issues. Once geospatial issues have been identified, CORE can provide solutions to the client in order to facilitate progress in a way that minimizes both cost and environmental impact. Our GIS services provide numerous options for gathering, managing, and displaying information that include:

  • Resource and access identification
  • Feature digitization and spatial analysis
  • Spatial database development and maintenance
  • Linear routing and least cost routing analysis
  • Parcel management and topology editing
  • Hydrologic analysis and modeling
  • Geo-processing and custom modeling to automate various geo-processing operations
  • Geo-statistical analysis combining environmental, infrastructure and economic variables
  • 3D data visualization and AutoCAD integration
  • Aerial and orbital imagery processing, manipulation and geo-referencing
  • LiDAR data processing and manipulation
  • GPS data collection, processing and manipulation

Water Management Services

CORE’s geologists and environmental scientists are ready to meet with your staff to handle all of your water management service needs.  With in-house experts in all aspects of planning, permitting, engineering, and project development capacity, the CORE team shall provide you with complete state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and techniques to bring your projects to completion.

CORE is currently providing comprehensive, strategic water management planning that address source water options, water storage and transportation studies, flow-back and produced water treatment, recycle and disposal alternatives, and holistic water management lifecycle costs for multiple well fields in the Appalachian Shale plays.